Workshop gets the silent treatment with new noise cancelling acoustic

City Of Glasgow’s City campus, which is currently on the shortlist for the RIAS and RIBA Awards 2017, houses a purpose built 3000m² x 10m high Construction Workshop that’s divided into smaller bespoke teaching areas. Heradesign from Knauf AMF is installed throughout to control reverberation and enhance the industrial design aesthetic.

Controlling sound was the main driver for choosing Heradesign for the multi-functional workshop. The individual teaching areas are separated by 4m high open-top walls. Loud machinery is often in use in one space whilst elsewhere at the same time tutorials are taking place.

Heradesign provides Class A sound absorption which helps control the ambient sound level, reduce reverberation and increase speech intelligibility, ensuring lessons can take place without disruption.

Angus Wilson, Director at Reiach and Hall Artchitects, who designed the workshop said: “The acoustic performance of Heradesign prevents the large industrial workshop from acting like an echo chamber. This was the main reason for switching products. I liked how the textured surface of Heradesign worked well with the raw materials that are used elsewhere in the space.”